19th International Convention of the Portuguese Killifish Association


The 19th International APK Convention will be held between 18 and 20 October, as in recent years in Torres Novas.

It is an event of recognized international value and undoubtedly the main tropical fishkeeping event in Portugal, which involves killifish lovers, but also passionate about aquarium and tropical fish in general.

In 2019 we expect to have more than 350 aquariums with all kind of killifishes along with a Killifish photo contest in which our aim is to make it one of the most important in Europe on the subject.

The presence of the well-known Dutch speaker, Wim Suijker, is an objective already achieved.

During the convention you will have excellent prizes in raffles or tombola as well as live food that has long sought to feed your fishes.

Sunday you can also acquire that special killifish species by bidding on the auction.

Entry and participation in all activities of the Convention is free.

All will be very welcomed. An event to share with family and friends.


Friday, 18 October 2019

9h – Registration and reception of the fishes (not pre-registered and pre-registered)

11h – End of the registration and reception of the fishes (period for not pre-registered fishes)

19h – Welcome Buffet

(Mandatory to book in advance before 12am October 18)

Saturday, 19 de October 2019

9h – Registration and reception of the fishes (pre-registered)

10h – Showroom open

11h – End of the registration and reception of the fishes’ period

16:30h – Lecture: “Killies das Guianas, Terra de muitas água”, by Wim Suijker

20h – Showroom Closure

20h30 – Dinner and Prize award

(Mandatory to book in advance before 12am October 19)

Sunday, 20 October 2019

11h – Action (free entrance)

13h – Goodbye Buffet

Registration for all activities can be made to: convencao@apk.pt



The International Convention of the Associação Portuguesa de Killifilia (APK) aims to contribute to the pursuit of the objective of APK and constitutes the annual event of greater prominence of the association.

Responsibility for the organization of the Convention belongs to the APK Board. It is also up to the Board to decide on any occurrence during the event and it is to this body that any complaints should be presented. The decisions of the Board in these matters are final and without appeal.

It is the responsibility of all competitors and participants in the Convention to comply fully with this Regulation.

3.1- A fish exhibition will be held as part of the APK International Convention.
3.2- The fish registration in the exhibition is free.
3.3- All oviparous fish belonging to the order of Cyprinodontiformes are accepted.
3.4- Species currently not included in 3.3 but which have already been in the past (eg species belonging to Adrianictides such as Oryzias and Xenopoecilus) may be accepted in the exhibition. These species shall not be admitted to the contest.

3.5- Couples (one elemento of each sex, except for hermaphrodite fish), trios (one male and two females or vice versa) or breeding groups (2 trios or 3 couples) may be presented.

3.6- The fish for exhibition must be pre-registered until Wednesday, October 16, at 12 o’clock, and must be delivered until Saturday, October 19, at 11 o’clock. Pre-registration must be made to the email: convencao@apk.pt.
3.7- Fish not pre-registered must be delivered by Friday, October 18 at 11am. After this date you will only be admitted if there are aquariums available.
3.8- At the fish registration the following data needs to be provided: Breeder name, association and membership number; identification of the species; identification of subspecies / population / code (where applicable).

The organization reserves the right to change data that are proven to be incorrect and will update the nomenclature of the species presented, according to the current nomenclature and following the authors adopted by APK.
3.9- The fish registered in the exhibition will be auctioned at the end of the exhibition and the income will revert to APK.
3.10- The fish should be sent to:

Luís Oliveira
Rua Luís Sommer, 23
2330-177 Entroncamento

4.1- All the persons belonging to at least one killifilia association can participate.
4.2- Only fish born on competitors’ premises will be accepted for the contest. Thus wild fish or any other fish purchased by the competitor after birth are not allowed.
4.3- Entries submitted by two different breeders are accepted on the contest as long as it complies with the terms set out in 4.1 and 4.2.
4.4- Context categories:
Group I – Fundulopanchax
Group II – Aphyosemion I
Group III – Aphyosemion II
Group IV – Epiplatys
Group V – Rivulus
Group VI – Nothobranchius
Group VII – South American anuals
Group VIII – Other Genres (not included in the previous groups)
Group IX – Breeding groups – non anuals
Group X – Breeding groups – anuals
4.5- Prizes
1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded for Groups I to X. A prize will be awarded for the Best in Show, as well as a prize for the largest number of entries.
4.6- Judges
4.6.1- Each Group is evaluated by two judges appointed by the APK Board.
4.6.2- Judges cannot evaluate groups having fishes from their own.
4.7- Classification
4.7.1- The classification to be assigned to lots registered in Groups I to X will be 0 to 100 points. The judges shall classify lots taking into account the following aspects: coloring; size; male-female size ratio; general-health aspect; state of the fins.
Each judge will make an individual assessment and the final classification will be the average of the classifications provided by both judges, with rounding to the unit.
The five aspects to consider should contribute individually to the final classification. Sick fish should be severely penalized. However, the judge will only present the final score.
In the case of trios the judge should consider only the best male and the best female.
The judges must indicate the first 3 classified of each Group.
4.8- The judges will vote among the first classified of each group for the “Best in Show “.

4.9- Other
4.9.1- In Groups IX and X the concept followed by the APK is that the breeding groups will consist of three couples or two males and four females of young fish with the already well-known sex and in the temporal hiatus that defines their reproductive apogee and that do not exceed 75% of the maximum size recommended for the species.

5.- Auction
5.1- For lots belonging to groups I to VIII the starting bid is € 3 and the remaining groups the starting bid is € 6.
5.2- The auctioneer will increase the bid amount by € 1 up to € 25 and € 3 after until there is only one bidder left.
5.3- At the time when only one bidder remains the auctioneer will count from 1to 3 before close the auction.
5.4- At the moment the auctioneer reaches counting 3 the lot will be given to the last bidder for the last price announced.
5.5- The lot will be delivered to the last bidder against immediate payment in cash. If this does not happen the lot will be auctioned again.
5.6- Unlisted lots will be sold after the auction at their respective base price (€ 3 groups I to VIII, € 6 group IX and X). All lots not sold in this way will be returned to their breeder. If this is not possible, they should be kept by Board members to be given to new APK members.
5.7- Any doubts or disagreements arising from the auction will be subject to the final decision of the APK Board.



1.º – Integrated in the XIX International Convention of Killifish the Associação Portuguesa de Killifilia organizes an exhibition and photography competition.

2.º – All photography’s to be exhibited and under contest should be sent as digital file, even if they were not originally shot with a digital camera, ie even if they were scanned from film negatives, slides or prints.

3.º – None of the photos could have been winners in other killifish photography contest or previously published in magazines and/or newsletters, excluding posts in forums or social networks.

4.º – All photos will be limited to images of killifishes, that is, oviparous Cyprinodontiform fish, being divided and classified into two categories:

– Portrait – (picture of whole fish in photo)

– Action – (image of fish in the process of breeding, fighting or attacking food)

5.º – Parameters for digital files to be sent to competition:

– File format: JPEG.

– Resolution / Image size: Images must have a minimum resolution of 2667 × 2000 pixels (horizontal or vertical), preferably maintaining the ratio between width and height, to allow printing on A4 or similar format.

–  Names or signs in files are prohibited.

6.º – Each digital file submitted to the competition must be entirely dedicated to actual photography and no bead or other decorative effects should be involved in the image.

Creative post-exposure editing / manipulation is not allowed, only cleaning of impurities / dirt on the image is allowed.

7º – Each file must be accompanied by the identification of the author, the Association to which it belongs and the species photographed.

8.º – Entries must be sent by e-mail, as file attachments, to the organizers of the convention through the email convencao@apk.pt, until October 10, 2019.

A listing of the contest photos should occupy the body of the email that accompanies the attachment and may contain additional information about the fish portrayed, such as sex, location or any other relevant information, at the discretion of the participant.

Alternatively, to facilitate the shipping process, Wetransfer may also be used.

9.º – The number of entries allowed per participant is 10 images (5 for each category: Portrait and Action).

10.º – The photographs entered in the exhibition and contest will become part of the APK photographic archive, reserving the Association the right to reproduce them freely in any of its publications.

11.º – Among all the images submitted in digital format, five images in each category will be pre-selected, which will be printed by the organization and exposed, evaluated and classified during the event by a jury invited by the organization. Only the winning image in each category will be appointed.

The remaining photos will be published during the convention in digital format.

12.º – In all the photos the judges should value the technique used (image quality), composition, visual impact, originality and color fidelity.

13.º – Any doubts or disagreements arising from the exhibition and contest will be subject to the final decision of the APK Board and any questions or issues should be directed to the direccao@apk.pt.


Accommodation and restaurant information

  • Hotel dos Cavaleiros (Torres Novas)


  • Hotel de Torres Novas (Torres Novas)


  • Restaurant “Nersant” – Convention site
  • Fast food Restaurants – Torres shopping – 2.2km
  • Mac Donalds – 1.5km



From Lisbon and Porto: A1 – A23 (Torres Novas)

From Spain: A23 (Torres Novas)


Entroncamento railways station

To confirm schedules and prices consult: http://www.cp.pt/cp/displayPage.do?vgnextoid=a4f6f9e12a584010VgnVCM1000007b01a8c0RCRD

We provide transportation between the railways station and the location of the Convention, if requested by email to: convencao@apk.pt

For general questions or clear any doubts please contact: convencao@apk.pt

Collaborate with the organization doing the pre-registrations in a timely manner. During the Convention always look for support and aid from the members of the organization.

We’ll be waiting for you!