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    Herman Meeus, De Reet 6, B 2160 Wommelgem, Belgium
    Tel. 00 32 3 353 20 13
    e-mail : herman.meeus1@telenet.be

                                                            Wommelgem, February 2018
    Dear Killi-friends,

    The “Belgische Killifish Vereniging” – B.K.V. has the pleasure to announce You the organization of her 34th congress and exhibition on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3th June 2018.  This event will take place in the “Gildenhuis”, Pertendonckstraat 14 at B-2520 Broechem-Ranst.

    Enclosed herewith is all usefull information regarding this congress and the exhibition.  We hope You'll make this known to Your members by putting it in Your magazine.

    In the past we could count on your help to make our exhibition a success and we hope it will be the same this year.

    We hope we may welcome lots of fish at our congress and to able to meet many members of your association.

    We remain at Your disposal for any further information.

                                                            Yours truly,

    Herman MEEUS

    For this 34th International Congress the program is as follows :

    Saturday 2nd June 2018
    09.30 h judgement of the fishes                
    13.00 to 19.00 h exhibition

    Sunday 3th June 2018
    09.00 to 10.30 h exhibition
    11.00 h sharp remittance of the awards and sale of fishes

    For the contest the fishes will be classified in 9 groups :
    1. Aphyosemion australe, Aphyosemion bivitatum, Aphyosemion bualanum, Diapteron
    2. Small Aphyosemions
    3. Fundulopanchax
    4. Archiaphyosemion, Callopanchax en Scriptaphyosemion (ex-Roloffia)
    5. Nothobranchius
    6. Rivulus
    7. European, North- and South-American species
    8. Epiplatys, Aplocheilus, Pachypanchax
    9. Breeding group : 3 pairs or 2 trios.

    For each group 3 awards will be given.
    Only self-raised fishes will be allowed for judgement.

    Inscriptions can be made with:
    Marcel Wuyts
    Massenhovensesteenweg 2a
    B 2520  Broechem-Ranst
    Tel. 00 32 3 485 52 40
    e-mail : wuyts.faunaflora@proximus.be
    by e-mail to : Herman Meeus : herman.meeus1@telenet.be

    Registration is free of charges, but the fishes will not be returned.
    Only registered fishes will participate to the judgement.  This will take place on Saturday 2nd June from 09.30 h on.  Fishes that arrive after 09.00 h will not be judged anymore.
    Fishes have to arrive on Friday 1st June from 19.00 till 22.00 h and on Saturday 2nd June from 08.00 till 09.00 h.

    Fishes send by rail or by air should arrive on Thursday 31st May, at the latest.  Please mention it concerns fish that do not concern the Washington convention and it is a gift and no commercial shipment.

    Persons attending the congress may bring along their fishes on Friday 1st June from 19.00 till 22.00h or on Saturday 2nd June from 08.00 till 09.00 h.

    Shipping addresses
    by rail: Centraal Station (Central Station) Antwerpen
    Kantoorliggend (Bureau restant)
    B.K.V. – Marcel Wuyts
    Massenhovensesteenweg  2a
    B 2520  Broechem-Ranst/Belgium
    Please mention : tel. 03/485.52.40

    by air: parcel via Air Mail
    B.K.V. – Marcel Wuyts
    Massenhovensesteenweg 2a
    B 2520  Broechem-Ranst/Belgium
    Please mention : tel 03/485.52.40

    at the complex: Gildenhuis, Pertendonckstraat 14
    B 2520 Broechem-Ranst, Belgium
    Friday 1/06 from 19.00 till 22.00 h
    Saturday 2/06 from 08.00 till 09.00 h.

    The possibilities for staying in the neighbourhood of the congress are as follows :

    * Hotel Bristol International (tel. 00 32 3 449 80 49)
      Edegemsestraat  1
      B-2510  Mortsel
    Prices : single-room with breakfast : EUR 55,00
              double-room with breakfast : EUR 68,00

    * Youth Hostel « Bed Muzet » (tel. +32 (0)3 488 60 36)
    Volmolenstraat 65
    B-2500 Lier
    Prices : room 2, 4, 6, 8 persons with sheets and breakfast : from EUR 32/person

    ATTENTION : not many places available, reservation to be made urgently !         

    For all further information we give the addresses and phonenumbers of the chairman and the secretary.  They will be most pleased to help You with all Your inquiries :
    Marcel Wuyts Herman Meeus
    Massenhovensestwg 2a        De Reet 6
    B 2520 Broechem-Ranst        B 2160 Wommelgem
          Belgium                          Belgium    
          tel.00 32 3 485 52 40              Tel.00 32 3 353 20 13
    e-mail : wuyts.faunaflora@proximus.be e-mail:  herman.meeus1@telenet.be

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